Physikit is enabling at-home
blood testing as a service

Adding the missing puzzle piece
to enable eHealth to become Health

Extend the services of your health app

You are a digital health app or platform in the EU/US? We implement blood testing with at-home sample collection for you, fully integrated into your app or platform.

Physikit services


What we offer

We help you identify, which tests are optimal for your app 


You implement
our API
into your app 


We fully manage the testing operations (labs, test kits, logistics, regulatory, …)


You receive the results through our API



We are the missing puzzle piece to easily implement blood testing in eHealth

Physikit is implementing blood testing in eHealth

eHealth is great and simple. However, it’s often missing a crucial puzzle piece: biochemical data from the body (e.g., blood sugar, cholesterol).

Obtaining biochemical data in a traditional way (e.g., going to a doctor/hospital) breaks the user experience provided by eHealth. Leveraging a technology like dried blood spots solves this issue as it enables complex analysis from the comfort of the user‘s home. But implementing it requires coordination with labs, finding the best test kits, taking care of logistics and integrating with legacy IT systems… It’s difficult!

That’s where we come in: integrate our “kit” to connect to the physical world. eHealth apps just implement our API. We take care of the complicated backend processes, and simply report back the testing results.



Just a few steps & Physikit is running


API implementation

Connect your app or digital healthcare platform with our API

Step 2-Adding business logic.png

Adding business logic

Add the option to order remote sample collection kit in your app or digital healthcare platform

Step 3-Test kit shipment.png

Test kit shipment

Whenever a user orders a kit, the request is forwarded to our platform and we ship the kit to the user

Step 4 - Sample taking.png

Sample taking

User takes a blood, urine or saliva sample
and sends it back in a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope to one of our partner labs

Step 5-Lab analysis and data cleaning.png

Lab Analysis & Data Cleaning

Our partner labs analyze the samples and send the result to our platform that cleans and standardizes the data

Step 6-API consumption.png

API consumption

Your app calls the easily machine-readable result from our API and displays the results to your users

We measure a large variety of biomarkers 

Physikit can measure more than 200 biomarkers

We help you to provide your patients/users with convenient at-home measurement of biochemical parameters like:

  • Prostate-specific-antigen (PSA)
    Prevention of prostate cancer and routine
    PSA check-ups

  • Glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
    Diagnosis of pre-diabetes, diabetes severity,
    and routine diabetes management

  • Neurofilament light chain (NfL)
    Multiple sclerosis/Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease progression and brain injury detection



Hashimoto's disease app

We are working with a digital healthcare app focusing on patients with Hashimoto’s syndrome (autoimmune disease of thyroid gland causing thyroid underfunction). The app provides a long-term programme focusing on modification of nutrition, sleep cycle and exercise to improve symptoms of Hashimoto’s. 

With Physikit, the app is conducting a feasibility study with the goal to demonstrate the biological impact of their programme and establish an own remote sample collection kit. 

Areas of support: 

check-bright green.png

Helped choose right blood analysis

check-bright green.png

Found and contracted clinical laboratory

check-bright green.png

Provided remote blood collection kit

check-bright green.png

Established logistics of remote samplecollection kit between app users and lab in EU



What makes Physikit special

Easy tech.png

Easy tech


No need to build your own connection to the laboratory. Use our flexible, digital-health-ready API

reliable labs.png

Reliable partner labs


Finding the ideal lab is extremely time consuming. We screen hundreds of laboratories and will connect you with the right partner(s) from the beginning

CE approved test kits.png

CE approved test kits


We provide flexible at-home testing kits compliant with at-home use requirements. Our technology is focused on dried microsamples of blood, saliva or urine

white label solution.png

White label solution


We design your own kit in accordance with your corporate design, which enables a smooth and consistent user experience

We strictly follow all european data privacy requirements

Physikit data privacy
Data privacy.png
  • We store all blood test data in an extremely secure database
    (GDPR/GDPR/HIPAA compliant)


  • Data is stored on servers in Germany (Hetzner)

  • Data is transmitted in fully encrypted to the database 



The people behind Physikit

Physikit-Team-by_www.introduce.berlin_dominik-tryba_DSC_5113 (1).jpg

Maros Mastrak

Laboratory & sales focus
Molecular biologist,
LC/MS Analytician

Kilian Martin

Business & tech focus
Masters in Business &
Masters in Computer Science



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Funded and supported by

The 2022-2023 program of Vision Health Pioneers is funded by the European Union as part of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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